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C O - F O U N D E R


Raised in a southern, religious, Black community, Twiggy Pucci Garçon is a proud non-binary member of the LGBTQ+ community. As an activist, producer, healer and creator, Twiggy attributes the balance of struggle and strength they witnessed and experienced, early in life, to their ability to maneuver through spaces of power and represent for people without. 


Praising literary greats like James Baldwin to the women in their family, Twiggy is quick to credit their ancestral warriors and pathmakers for the elevation of their own voice in a way that ultimately leads to progress. Since finding support in the ballroom community at a very crucial moment in their life, Twiggy leverages every opportunity to generate authentic projects about Black and Brown LGBTQ+ people and create quality spaces for them to be centered in making decisions in storytelling. Twiggy has collaborated with artists, filmmakers, academics and policymakers to increase visibility of both creative and sociopolitical agendas. 


With experience as a creative director, event producer, and culture curator, they’ve collaborated with brands and organizations like Gucci, Coach, FX, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, GLAAD, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Reebok, HighSnobiety and more. Twiggy is the Overall Overseer for the Legendary International House of Comme des Garçon and the Chief Ambassador for the Center for Black Equityand previously held positions include the consulting programmer for Outfest, Newfest, and Outfest Fusion. 


From The New York Times and The Hollywood Reporter to OUT and The Advocate, Twiggy has received extensive visibility for their work as a runway choreographer and performance artist. Twiggy was also a featured subject in Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ HBO documentary feature film The OUT List and is the co-writer and one of seven protagonists in the Sundance-selected, award-winning documentary, KIKI (Directed by Sara Jordenö). They served as a consultant and runway choreographer on Ryan Murphy’s Emmy nominated hit FX series, POSE, and sit on the Board of Directors for Doc Society. Twiggy is a producer of the forthcoming documentary, The Legend of Dorian Corey, and director of the forthcoming short documentary, MnM.


Twiggy believes progressive/forward-thinking movement requires personal & community healing work, and acknowledgement that we all have the power and divine right to dream, think, say, and DO it!

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